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ARNY SPORT, LLC. was established in 2013, which is committed to fitness equipment research and development, production and marketing.

ARNY SPORT always adhere to the quality policy «New Trend, Quality-first, Service-oriented», it has already achieved remarkable results and developed steadily, its output become to international brand products.

ARNY SPORT continues to offer the finest quality products at competitive prices, backed by the best service anywhere. Like you, we have a real passion for sports.


Since 2013 ARNY SPORT has been the fitness equipment supplier for customers in a wide range of markets. We supply and install a complete line of commercial fitness equipment for all strength, training areas and gyms. With cardio equipment to get your heart rate up and strength equipment to build muscle to cross training equipment and equipment customized for accessibility we offer it all, even the accessories. With a wide range of exercise equipment, we supply gyms and markets such as hotels, apartments, professional sports teams, universities & high school gyms, health clubs and more. With rigorous manufacturing quality standards, an endless pursuit of innovation, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, ARNY SPORT is a highly regarded name among those who demand peak performance.

ARNY SPORT — distributor GLT (Gym Life Technology), BODYTONE, AYASHI and ULTI FIGHTER with the constant availability of these brands in stock in the city of Yekaterinburg.

The company ARNY SPORT offers discounts on the acquisition of professional trainers and sports equipment wholesale, for all institutions, where there are increased requirements to the quality and reliability of fitness equipment: clubs, hotels, sanatoriums and rest homes, swimming pools and saunas, corporate gyms.

We offer:

Commercial strength series GLT F, GLT 700, BODYTONE Evolution: Pull Down Exercise, Chest Press Machine, Seated Rowing machine, Leg press machine, Abductor/ Adductor Training, Seated Leg Curl, Shoulder training (Deltoid Raise), Triceps Pushdown, Triceps Arm Curl, Biceps Arm Curl, Waist Rotary, Back Training, Abdominal Training, Leg Extension Machine, Leg Press Machine, Smith Machine and others.

Commercial strength series GLT HFW and BODYTONE Solid Rock (free weight): Seated Rowing machine, Abductor/Adductor Training and others.

Treadmills GLT and BODYTONE (commercial, semi-commercial)

Exercise bike and elliptical machine GLT and BODYTONE

Crossovers GLT and BODYTONE:

Equipment for Fitness GLT: bodybars, step boards and others.

Crossfit and functional training Equipment GLT:

Martial Art Equipment ULTI FIGHTER:

The company ARNY SPORT also offers goods under the brand AYASHI. AYASHI is engaged in manufacture and supply of quality ammunition for all types of martial arts: taekwondo, karate, judo, sambo, boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing, etc. The product catalog presents all the facilities for professional sports: clothing, accessories and sports equipment.

Contact information

Address Office 215, 19 Liter B, Titova st., Yekaterinburg, 620085, RUSSIA

Phones 8 800 700-78-06 (Free in Russia)
+7 343 243-52-08


Site www.arny-sport.ru

CEO   Pavel Nikolaevich POLOVNIKOV


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